careVITALS Product Overview  careVITALS, All-In-One platform integrates e-scheduling, digitisation & monitoring within one unified platform. Manage all patient records with a real time Rota accessible on mobile devices. Complete assessments, care plans, visit notes, administration of medication all within one intuitive application. Use GPS tracking for electronic call monitoring, add PPE, qualifications and checks for … Read more

Solcom Limited – Guardian

Product Overview Guardian is a traditional IoT system using software and generic hardware devices proven to help individuals maintain independence. The system works by identifying patterns of behaviour together with multiple sensors to detect movement, open doors and windows, appliances, environmental conditions, hydration, nutrition, fire and smoke, falls, presence etc. The system is interoperable with … Read more

Tunstall – CareCom

Tunstall CareCom – Product Overview Carecom is a wireless nurse call system using digital technology to enable care to be tailored to the individual, ensuring the delivery of care is more efficient, flexible and responsive. The system moves beyond traditional, fixed call points to a wireless system better suited to the demands of modern care … Read more

Securemeters – Beanbag Care

Product Overview Developed by Secure Meters, Beanbag Care is an innovative suite of smart, independent living solutions that are designed to deliver a range of benefits to local authorities, home care providers, extra sheltered housing providers and their customers. Drawing on Secure Meters’ heritage for property technology excellence, Beanbag Care is a technology enabled care … Read more

Mediquip Connect – Care@Home

Product Overview Care@Home™ enables families to be confident that their loved ones are cared for, while end-users are enabled to maintain their independent lifestyle. The Care@Home Multi-Service Platform is an Aging-in-Place product suite that offers seamless home care monitoring indoors and outdoors, allowing independence for seniors and peace of mind to their loved ones.    Care@Home … Read more

Safesteps™ – Falls Risk Prevention Platform

Product Overview Safesteps™ is a digital falls risk assessment tool that can be used in a variety of settings to reduce the risk of falls and improve the quality of life of our aging population.  Safesteps™ is a web-based application that is accessible on all mobile devices and requires little training.  It is customisable and … Read more

Connexin – Falls

Product Overview Connexin Health offer several solutions to support the adult social care sector and individuals with assisted-living options for fall detectors. The different options available include a pendant that can be worn around the neck and a panic band worn on the wrist that can be activated by voice command, or through an in-built … Read more

Buddi – Buddi Hub

Buddi Hub – Product Overview Enables independence for clients within their own homes.   •            Digital ready- No Landline or Wi-Fi required with Buddi’s simple plug and play technology.   •            Panic Alert- Use the panic buttons upon the top of the Hub or via the Connect wristband.   The Buddi Hub was launched in 2021 as a … Read more

Buddi – Buddi Connect and Clip

Buddi Connect and Clip – Product Overview •            Automated Fall Detector – The wristband houses an accelerometer, which will automatically trigger a fall alert when it detects an impact (hard) fall by the client. It measures speed and motion, and will also trigger a fall alert when shaken vigorously. Fall alerts activate a two-way audio … Read more