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Safesteps™ – Falls Risk Prevention Platform

Company Overview

safesteps™ is a digital health company designed to address falls and frailty in our aging population. It is our goal to deploy our Frailty Digital Platform globally, and to be the most open and interoperable digital health platform.  At safesteps™ we want everyone to live their best 100-year life.  

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Product Overview

Safesteps™ is a digital falls risk assessment tool that can be used in a variety of settings to reduce the risk of falls and improve the quality of life of our aging population. 

Safesteps™ is a web-based application that is accessible on all mobile devices and requires little training.  It is customisable and can be set up for a number of care organisations, including care homes, hospitals and domiciliary care agencies. 

The app guides users through the 12 key risk factors as developed by NICE. It looks at factors such as history of falling, medication, cognition, diet and environment; and from there generates suggested actions to help mitigate that risk. safesteps™ is proven to lower the rate of falls in care homes by 28% and hospitals by 32%.

Product Videos

Safe Steps Fall demonstration