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Company Overview

careVITALS is a revolutionary company that has developed an All-In-One care management platform for care providers, which encompasses everything from e-scheduling to digitisation, medication management, and recording of observations coupled with mobile applications. The company was founded in 2022 with a vision to prioritise the needs of those being cared for, using cutting-edge technology to ensure compliance and safeguarding while also reducing costs, resources, and time wasted by using outdated processes or the use of multiple systems to deliver care. One of the standout qualities of the company is its knowledgeable and skilled development and implementation team, which operates out of London, UK and offers its solution to care providers all over the world. The company is unique in its approach, with a mission to improve care through data sharing, artificial intelligence, remote monitoring, and virtual care at affordable prices. careVITALS operates in all care provisions, including home care, residential care, complex care, and supported living. The company’s board of directors has over 150 years of experience in healthcare systems and operates from London and South Africa, ensuring that customers have access to the most advanced technology available to them. The company ethos is to always put the people being cared for first, and providing the highest standard of care through a centralised data record. e -scheduling | remote monitoring | digitisation | virtual wards


Permjeet Singh Deogun

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careVITALS Product Overview

 careVITALS, All-In-One platform integrates e-scheduling, digitisation & monitoring within one unified platform. Manage all patient records with a real time Rota accessible on mobile devices. Complete assessments, care plans, visit notes, administration of medication all within one intuitive application. Use GPS tracking for electronic call monitoring, add PPE, qualifications and checks for employees as well as completing employee forms on mobile applications. Record observations, documentation management, real-time alerts and run reports over a selected period which can then be shared with specific stakeholders. Monitor the people you care for using remote technology and spot illnesses through artificial intelligence, supporting the NHS by preventive care and allowing people to be cared for sooner when leaving hospital.

Our mobile applications include the following:

– View rotas in real time

– Record all visit notes electronically

– Gather the VITAL signs of the people they care for

– View care plans in real time

– Complete and view previous visit notes

– Complete digital assessments

– Complete documents related to the visit or patient

– View the next visit being carried out & by who

– Medication Management inc E-MAR


– GPS tracking for ECM

– Upload Body Maps with notes

– Upload Images

– Digital signatures

– Built for lone workers, allowing alerts to be sent

– Role based application

– Data security included

– Virtual Wards

– Biometric login for additional security

– Data migration from existing systems

– Intuitive interface with superfast data downloads