Incom Systems Communication Specialists Ltd – Vayyar

Product Overview Vayyar Care is a touchless remote monitoring solution for residents within a care facility. It is a wall or ceiling mounted sensor that monitors a room and outputs data such as fall detection and room occupancy. The sensor is completely unobtrusive. The system alerts care providers within 90 seconds of a resident falling, … Read more

Solcom Limited – Guardian

Product Overview Guardian is a traditional IoT system using software and generic hardware devices proven to help individuals maintain independence. The system works by identifying patterns of behaviour together with multiple sensors to detect movement, open doors and windows, appliances, environmental conditions, hydration, nutrition, fire and smoke, falls, presence etc. The system is interoperable with … Read more

Solcom Limited – Blue Box

Product Overview The Blue Box as a comprehensive telehealth kit, equipped with a video enabled tablet computer, Bluetooth thermometer, pulse oximeter and blood pressure monitor. Other instruments such as ECG, Digital Stethoscope, Scales and POC blood tests are available to monitor many conditions. The Blue Box measures vital signs, records photos, performs multiple assessments and … Read more

Securemeters – Beanbag Care In-home Monitoring

Product Overview Beanbag Care has been designed to help the older adult maintain their independence, enabling them to remain in their own home for longer. With a combination of in-home monitoring and quality care visits Beanbag care can help people look after their health & wellbeing. The service user can use the tablet to keep … Read more

SCC – My Sense

Product Overview MySense is a system utilising wearables and passive sensors in the home which enables 24-hour monitoring and a targeted response from healthcare teams across a selected group of vulnerable patients.  Recording thousands of data points in each individual’s home, the MySense application learned the daily habits and key responses of every patient, enabling … Read more

MiiCare – MiiCube

Product Overview MiiCare has developed an ambient IoT assisted-living solution called MiiCube that utilizes wireless sensors and devices to monitor daily activities and vitals of older adults, and above all, act as a companion to address loneliness and keep them more connected to their families and friends. Monica is the AI-based digital health coach and … Read more

Communicare247 – Archangel®

Product Overview Archangel® is an open, scalable service delivery platform which seamlessly integrates home and mobile equipment, data, and monitoring systems used to care for, and protect, individuals.     Archangel® delivers flexible services, to mitigate risk and allow the creation of care services customised to the needs of an individual.     The Archangel® monitoring system helps individuals … Read more

Connexin – Adult Social Care Platform

Product Overview The Connexin Platform can support users to deploy a range of indicators aimed at supporting providers to deliver smart solutions and measure outputs.  Connexin Health offer several solutions to support the adult social care sector that consolidates the activity within a building and bridges this with occupancy measures that is combined with assisted-living … Read more

Communicare247 – The Freedom Device

Product Overview The Freedom Device is a small, portable device that helps you re-engage with your community. Featuring a large SOS button, and a roaming SIM card, you can take your Freedom Device anywhere and still receive emergency care and support when you need it most.    This discreet device also provides citizens with a fall … Read more

Buddi- Clip

Buddi Clip – Product Overview Alert Monitoring – all fall, panic button and zone alerts are monitored 24/7 x 365 days by a TSA gold standard accredited Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). INDEPENDENT LIVING CASE STUDY  D had always been a keen walker. Now in his mid-80s with failing eyesight and a tendency for low blood … Read more

Buddi – Mini

Buddi Mini – Product Overview •            GPS Location data – GPS location updates every few minutes, providing accurate location within approximately 5 metres when outdoors.   •            Historical GPS data – By finding its location every few minutes, it provides a location trail for where that client has been. All this data can be reviewed via … Read more

Buddi – Buddi Hub

Buddi Hub – Product Overview Enables independence for clients within their own homes.   •            Digital ready- No Landline or Wi-Fi required with Buddi’s simple plug and play technology.   •            Panic Alert- Use the panic buttons upon the top of the Hub or via the Connect wristband.   The Buddi Hub was launched in 2021 as a … Read more