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Company Overview

Incom Systems was founded in 1991 and is based in Ossett, West Yorkshire, we have been working within the care industry for over 30 years. Since then, we have established ourselves as one of the UK’s leading independent forces in the communications industry.  

We work with a large number of care providers, local authorities and housing associations, supplying, installing and maintaining the following systems. Emergency Call systems, Access Control and Door Entry systems, DECT phone systems CCTV & IOT Devices.  We have recently partnered with Vayyar to be their companion company introducing there Fall Detection & Prevention System in England. Our skill as system integrators makes this an ideal union. We have a UK wide network of highly trained, experienced and motivated sales, technical support and both installation and field service engineers to support our new and existing customers. Our customers benefit from the use of innovative and state of the art technology to provide communications and monitoring systems that are second to none. We operate a support response team 365 days a year 24/7 so you are always in safe hands.  We are first and foremost a company founded by an engineer and to this day run by engineers. We have worked with all the major manufacturers over the years refining and integrating their solutions within a working environment, to provide a joined-up solution for the end user. We are an accredited CHAS contractor and also carry affiliations to SSAIB, ECA (Electrical Contractors Association), Safe Contactor & Constructionline. We are a TSA member actively promoting TEC (Tec Enabled Care).   We are a caring company and strive to form effective partnerships with our customers. We ensure that we form these partnerships by adhering to our customer care policies and the standards of conduct expected from all our representatives.  We don’t just see customers as the paying client, but also the residents, patients, end users, in fact everyone affected by the delivery of our services. All these people are stake holders in the solutions Incom Systems implement.


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Product Overview

Vayyar Care is a touchless remote monitoring solution for residents within a care facility. It is a wall or ceiling mounted sensor that monitors a room and outputs data such as fall detection and room occupancy. The sensor is completely unobtrusive. The system alerts care providers within 90 seconds of a resident falling, sending an alert to the care givers mobile phone be it Android or IOS (Apple) and/or your Emergency Call system. 

Whilst monitoring the resident the system also collates the following information. Frequent bathroom visits, in and out of bed activity, wake and sleep times and night-time wandering. The system is fully GDPR complaint with no data being sent off site.  Once the system has been installed and turned on it will monitor the room 24/7/365 without any intervention from residents or staff. It remains on constantly allowing for permanent surveillance of the room. The systems dashboard keeps track of all the monitors in all the rooms This provides you with a visual overview of where all your residents are in real time. Whether they are in the bed room, it recognises when a resident is in the room or in bed. Likewise, in the bathroom or in the shower or using the facilities.  

There are no wearables, no buttons to push or chords to pull and no cameras. The system uses radar technology, tracking individuals and producing a cloud point image. This enables the use of this technology in the most intimate of settings (bedrooms and bathrooms) whilst the resident fully retains their privacy and dignity. 


What is Vayyar Care?  Vayyar Care Fall Detection & Prevention is a monitoring system that uses a wall or ceiling mounted sensor to automatically detect falls in a room. Each sensor scans the room using radio frequency waves, similar too but much weaker that Wi-Fi. There are no cameras, pendants or bracelets required. In the event of a fall, Vayyar Care communicates with the care provider sending an alert to either or both the providers mobile phone (Android or IOS (Apple) or if connected to their Emergency Call system. 

How does it work?  Vayyar Care uses smart motion sensing technology (based on safe radio wave signals rather than cameras) to continuously monitor the room. Once installed, it automatically recognises if an individual has fallen.  After a fall has been detected the individual has up to one-and-a-half minutes to stand back up, if they can. This will cancel the alert. If during this time the alert is not cancelled a message is sent to either / or both the care providers mobile phone or their Emergency Call system. 

Where does Vayyar Care work?  Vayyar Care works in any room within an area of 13 feet x 13 feet (4 meters x 4 meters). The sensors can be installed in bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms and dining rooms. Using radio waves, the system will operate in the dark and will penetrate steam. Large rooms may require an additional sensor.  Please note that Vayyar Care cannot detect falls on stairs and sensors should not be installed in stairwells. 

What happens if there is a fall?  When a fall is detected, the LED light on the sensor will flash yellow, after 45-50 seconds the sensor will begin to flash rapidly. If the individual stands up within an additional 30 seconds the fall alarm will be cancelled. Otherwise, if during this time the alert is not cancelled, a message is sent to either / or both the care providers mobile phone or their Emergency Call system alerting them to a fall. This entire process takes approximately 90 seconds. 

What are the advantages of choosing Vayyar Care over other fall monitoring devices? Vayyar Care is different from all other fall monitoring devices on the market. Firstly, there are no buttons to push or cords to pull. This is crucial, because after suffering from a fall, many people are unable to reach their button or cord. There are no wearables, such as pendants or watches to remember to put on. Wearable devices are rarely worn to bed, so would not detect a night time fall. The Vayyar Care system can be wall or ceiling mounted this removes any trip hazards that are often associated with pressure mats. As the Vayyar Care system does not use cameras, residents always maintain their privacy and dignity. Once installed the system provides 24/7/365 surveillance, without the need for any intervention from either the resident or staff. 

Icom’s Vayyar and Possum system are fully integrated, alerts from the Vayyar system can be received via the Possum Information pager

Product Videos

Incom – Vayyar and Possum Demonstration
Incom – Vayyar