PainChek – PainChek Universal

Product Overview PainChek® is the world’s first regulatory cleared medical device for the assessment of pain, enabling best-practice pain management for people living with pain in any environment, including those who cannot reliably self-report their pain, those who can, and those who fluctuate between the two. The PainChek® app combines PainChek’s AI pain assessment tool, … Read more

Solcom Limited – WhzApp

Product Overview WhzApp is our multi-disciplinary monitoring application connecting GPs with patients to monitor conditions remotely, and deliver key information and care advice. It is a free to use application linked to the Whzan dashboard. WhzApp is an information hub, self-assessment and communication tool, and vital signs log fully customizable for each patient, so they … Read more

Kinata Ltd – Kinesis Advice and Guidance

Product Overview Kinesis Advice and Guidance has been specifically developed to provide a Specialist Advice and Guidance platform for referral management. This has been demonstrated to improve referral practices and patient outcomes, contributing to significant savings. The system was developed across two separate pilots, firstly in the NHS East of England region and then with … Read more

Securemeters – Beanbag Care Communication

Product Overview Having both a tablet (hardware) and software means the Home Care Provider can communicate with both the carers out in the field and with the serviceuser in their home. The Home Care Provider can send messages to the carer(s) on the App. Messages can also be sent to the service users – mass … Read more

Wallet Services – SICCAR

Product Overview SICCAR applies blockchain technologies and encryption – to provide a cybersecure distributed data store.  Information is tamper-proof and sensitive data is encrypted so that only the intended recipient can access it.    Uniquely, SICCAR’s tools enable process and data governance policy to be enforced – with minimal disclosure of citizen or organisation sensitive data. … Read more

Umbrella Insight

Umbrella Install – Product Overview Customer engagement and feedback, also employee retention and wellbeing service – all in one platform. Our platform supports your business, both care homes and domiciliary, with:   We make it quick and easy to gain feedback from your residents, NOK and employees to help you confirm what you are doing well, … Read more

LAND Digital Solutions LTD – Anytribe

Product Overview Canny Social, Family Social and Sober Social are all digital peer support platforms built on the AnyTribe software tools developed by Land Digital. These platforms enable ‘tribes’ of users to come together online around shared values in order to access peer support and professional advice in a safe digital space.    The first Sober … Read more

Care Access Holdings

CareAccess Product Overview The CA platform facilitates exchanges between users and adult social care sector organisations (suppliers). Users complete the digital physical, social, financial and housing and needs assessments to generate a financially tailored care plan, set goals, receive free/paid customised recommendations (suppliers). Users add recommendations to care plans, update their goal progress, and attribute … Read more

Ethelcare – My Smart Care Hub

Product Overview The Ethel platform includes a large, touchscreen device that is tailor-made for those with little or no computer experience. It helps reduce social isolation, promotes independence, supports chronic care management in a person’s own home. Ethel has a range of features including medication management, vital signs monitoring, video calling, Q&A surveys and websites. … Read more


AutonoMe Product Overview AutonoMe is a support service, for the user we provide our App, downloadable onto their smart device, which contains over 120 step-by-step instructional videos which support service users to develop and progress their independent living skills.     Our App is a tool that enables support staff to gradually take a step back as … Read more