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Care Access Holdings

Company Overview

Care Access mission is to help older people live healthier and happier lives.    

Our human-centred Care Access platform lets users self-assess their physical, social, financial and housing needs and generates a financially tailored care plan with bespoke recommendations.    

Users can choose from vetted care providers and suppliers who have been ranked to help them achieve their goals, to live healthier and happier lives.   

Ranking is based on relevance and our ‘Care Champion’ values system, which includes community, innovation, transparency and ethics

CareAccess Product Overview

The CA platform facilitates exchanges between users and adult social care sector organisations (suppliers). Users complete the digital physical, social, financial and housing and needs assessments to generate a financially tailored care plan, set goals, receive free/paid customised recommendations (suppliers).

Users add recommendations to care plans, update their goal progress, and attribute improvement/regress to the recommended supplier. Suppliers receive sales leads, creating communities and markets that expedite interactions and transactions for products and services.