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LAND Digital Solutions LTD – Anytribe

Company Overview

The Land Digital team is on a mission to co-create high quality, digital services that improve the way people live and work. We’re a values-led company and collaboration, co-operation and co-design are at the heart of everything we do.  


David Van der Velde

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Product Overview

Canny Social, Family Social and Sober Social are all digital peer support platforms built on the AnyTribe software tools developed by Land Digital. These platforms enable ‘tribes’ of users to come together online around shared values in order to access peer support and professional advice in a safe digital space.   

The first Sober Social prototype was developed by Land Digital on a not for profit basis to provide a digital platform to support people in recovery from alcohol. Land subsequently worked with Changing Lives and Adfam to develop the Sober Social and Family Social platforms and with Chilli Studios to develop Canny Social.   

The tools can be adapted to different use cases, such as enabling family members and professionals to share updates around a patient’s care.   

The product continues to evolve and we are keen to engage with new partners and explore new use cases where AnyTribe can deliver value to communities.