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Kinata Ltd – Kinesis Advice and Guidance

Company Overview

Primary care clinicians across the NHS use Kinesis to obtain advice from a range of specialties from their local secondary care providers. Secondary care specialties provide advice within two working days to support clinical colleagues to manage patients effectively in the primary care setting, recommending primary care intervention or a referral as clinically required. This actively reduces inappropriate outpatient referrals and reduces waiting lists. Kinesis expedites clinical dialogue between referring clinicians and secondary care specialties to accelerate the management of patients in primary care, as well as ensuring patients are referred at the right time, with the required workup. In turn, the Kinesis system helps the NHS to save finances on avoided first outpatient appointments.

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Product Overview

Kinesis Advice and Guidance has been specifically developed to provide a Specialist Advice and Guidance platform for referral management. This has been demonstrated to improve referral practices and patient outcomes, contributing to significant savings. The system was developed across two separate pilots, firstly in the NHS East of England region and then with Wandsworth PCT/CCG; latterly it has achieved widespread adoption in many CCGs in South London, Kent & Medway and beyond. It now represents 10 years of development, real world experience and learning in both the software and the approaches to deployment. Use of Kinesis has helped GPs avoid over 70,000 unnecessary hospital appointments to date.

Product Videos

Kinesis – Our Journey
Kinesis – GP Training Video