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Company Overview

Started in 1987 Secure Meters has grown to now having our services and products deployed in over 50

Countries, employing more than 6,500 people with bases in India, Australia, UK, Malaysia, and Sweden.

We manufacture high quality technology products in our world class production facilities, which are certified for BIS, STQC and S-Mark standards. We are also OFGEM and MID approved for the manufacture and supply of Gas and Electricity productsacross Europe and the UK.

Our data centres collect and assimilate data for more than 6.5 million customers from products that we have

manufactured and deployed into several Countries.   In the UK the system for data collection was put in place

in 2013, from 2016 the number of devices we collect data from has been growing at 1 million per year.

Secure operates B2B and already works with and supplies to other businesses for the benefit of the end user. We work with the UK’s Energy suppliers, Local Authorities, Housing associations and vast array of different types of businesses large and small.

Company Vision

‘To be an enduring business that grows from profit earned fairly from product and services that help users save, reduce energy and live in comfort’.

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Beanbag care

Product Overview

Having both a tablet (hardware) and software means the Home Care Provider can communicate with both the carers out in the field and with the service
user in their home. The Home Care Provider can send messages to the carer(s) on the App.

Messages can also be sent to the service users – mass messages or individual messages. The tablet can also be used for virtual calls via the VoIP feature, which the service user can also use to contact family and friends.

Beanbag Care

Developed by Secure Meters, Beanbag Care is an innovative suite of smart, independent living solutions that are designed to deliver a range of benefits to local authorities, home care providers, extra sheltered housing providers and their customers.

Drawing on Secure Meters’ heritage for property technology excellence, Beanbag Care is a technology enabled care solution designed to provide better quality care at the same cost, so that people can live in their own homes for longer, safer and with greater independence.

Beanbag Care increases the quality and efficiency of care by giving home care provides remote access to real-time, granulated data on the welfare and
satisfaction of their customers or residents. It achieves this by combining the power of web connected home sensors with smart, automated decision-
making capabilities.

Beanbag Platform.

Beanbag Care services utilise a smart home system of sensors and communication products. The system can be configured according to the service user requirements providing flexibility and scalability. At the heart of the system is a Gateway – this unit provides a wireless link to all the in-home sensors, assimilates data and communicates to the cloud via broadband or GSM. The range of sensors includes motion detectors, pressure sensors, combined temperature & humidity sensors, CO sensors and door sensors.
There is a tablet with an option to wall mount or place in a free-standing holder – this is used to display useful information and provide video calling; it also includes an SOS button. Everything is intended for simple one touch use and was developed with input from older service users. To ensure privacy there are NO cameras or listening devices.

The care provider can contact the cloud-based service via a portal that can be accessed via a standard pc or laptop. The portal provides simple to use
dashboards and the facility to run bespoke reports.


Secure provides a full package of support that can be tailored to the needs of the care provider or the service user.

•  Initial system set up

•  Installation & maintenance of in-home devices

• 24/7 contact centre (for alerts or SOS calls)

•  Technical help line

•  Training

•    24/7 monitoring of installed devices

Product Videos

Beanbag Care Assisted Living
SCIP Technology Engagement Event 19 January 2022 – System Services