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Umbrella Insight

Company Overview

Umbrella Insight provides a host of solutions in an ‘all-in-one’ platform, to assist care providers with customer and employee engagement, retention and wellbeing.  Light-touch to assist any size of business, both clients and employees, available 24/7 and no login or download needed.

Please feel free to contact us for a quote or demo – telephone 08431221048, or via email hello@UInsight.US.


Umbrella Install – Product Overview

Customer engagement and feedback, also employee retention and wellbeing service – all in one platform. Our platform supports your business, both care homes and domiciliary, with:  

  • Resident / Client feedback
  • NOK / relatives feedback 
  • Staff feedback 
  • CQC Inspection evidencing 
  • Staff recruitment, retention & wellbeing You gain: 
  • Benchmark assessment 
  • Early intervention & alerting 
  • Recommended actions  
  • Dashboard and reporting 
  • Dashboard & reporting   
  • Evidence for support plans & inspection 
  • Security & privacy 
  • Specialist support

We make it quick and easy to gain feedback from your residents, NOK and employees to help you confirm what you are doing well, and help you identify areas to strengthen your business. Taking this a step further the same platform also enables you to evidence compliance with CQC KLOEs and care inspections. Umbrella Insight provides solutions to help with simple and engaging employee recruitment, retention and wellbeing. Areas such as giving employees/new hires/apprentices additional communication channels to raise concerns, give suggestions, as for suggestions and praise colleagues. The platform also caters for staff assessments and supporting employee wellbeing. Giving you a stronger workforce, making recruitment easier, reducing absence and retaining staff.

Product Videos

Umbrella Insight Overview
Umbrella Insights – Product Demonstration