Communicare247 – The Freedom App

Product Overview The Freedom App was designed with freedom in mind. Providing reassurance and safety, the Freedom App transforms any smartphone into an emergency alarm.    The Freedom App features an advanced fall detection sensor, advanced location services and intelligent reporting tools to monitor the safety of citizens at home and in the community.   Whether it’s … Read more


CareLineLive Product Overview CareLineLive was developed with agencies for agencies, to ensure that it provided an end-to-end home care management solution that was flexible, improved efficiency and enabled business growth, whilst decreasing costs. CareLineLive Product Overview Better systems mean better care    CareLineLive is award-winning all-in-one cloud-based home care management software. It works across three integrated … Read more

Buddi- Clip

Buddi Clip – Product Overview Alert Monitoring – all fall, panic button and zone alerts are monitored 24/7 x 365 days by a TSA gold standard accredited Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). INDEPENDENT LIVING CASE STUDY  D had always been a keen walker. Now in his mid-80s with failing eyesight and a tendency for low blood … Read more

Buddi – Mini

Buddi Mini – Product Overview •            GPS Location data – GPS location updates every few minutes, providing accurate location within approximately 5 metres when outdoors.   •            Historical GPS data – By finding its location every few minutes, it provides a location trail for where that client has been. All this data can be reviewed via … Read more

Buddi – Buddi Hub

Buddi Hub – Product Overview Enables independence for clients within their own homes.   •            Digital ready- No Landline or Wi-Fi required with Buddi’s simple plug and play technology.   •            Panic Alert- Use the panic buttons upon the top of the Hub or via the Connect wristband.   The Buddi Hub was launched in 2021 as a … Read more

Buddi – Buddi Connect and Clip

Buddi Connect and Clip – Product Overview •            Automated Fall Detector – The wristband houses an accelerometer, which will automatically trigger a fall alert when it detects an impact (hard) fall by the client. It measures speed and motion, and will also trigger a fall alert when shaken vigorously. Fall alerts activate a two-way audio … Read more