careVITALS Product Overview  careVITALS, All-In-One platform integrates e-scheduling, digitisation & monitoring within one unified platform. Manage all patient records with a real time Rota accessible on mobile devices. Complete assessments, care plans, visit notes, administration of medication all within one intuitive application. Use GPS tracking for electronic call monitoring, add PPE, qualifications and checks for … Read more

Securemeters – Beanbag Care Record Keeping

Product Overview Record keeping Beanbag Care offers a scheduling & monitoring system for Domiciliary Care Providers. This element of Beanbag care is suitable for Home Care Providers who are looking for either a complete scheduling & monitoring system (who don’t have a digital system now) and Home Care Providers who have a system but want … Read more

UDMS Ltd – Carefor

Product Overview CareFor offers care providers and care home operators an integrated suite of tools that supports your care business through 5 critical stages of compliance and sustainability.  1.            Planning – use your precious resources efficiently, match skills to service user needs and ensure you consistently meet service user needs.  2.            Scheduling – Streamlined rostering … Read more

Wallet Services – SICCAR

Product Overview SICCAR applies blockchain technologies and encryption – to provide a cybersecure distributed data store.  Information is tamper-proof and sensitive data is encrypted so that only the intended recipient can access it.    Uniquely, SICCAR’s tools enable process and data governance policy to be enforced – with minimal disclosure of citizen or organisation sensitive data. … Read more


Product Overview Essentially, our software is used by care providers to run their business from top to bottom; whether they provide domiciliary care, supported living or various other forms of complex care. It starts with functionality that is as simple as providing them with a software platform to maintain electronic records of their clients and … Read more

Securemeters – Beanbag Care

Product Overview Developed by Secure Meters, Beanbag Care is an innovative suite of smart, independent living solutions that are designed to deliver a range of benefits to local authorities, home care providers, extra sheltered housing providers and their customers. Drawing on Secure Meters’ heritage for property technology excellence, Beanbag Care is a technology enabled care … Read more


Product Overview OnePlan is an easy to use but comprehensive software solution for Care companies who provide in-the-home care services.  It uses automation to simplify the day-to-day management, organisation and reporting of care calls, carer rostering. It replaces much of the manual paperwork to operate and report on your business successfully.    It is a person … Read more

OnCare – OnCare Management Platform

Product Overview OnCare contains everything a domiciliary care provider needs to manage end-to-end care delivery in one easy-to-use platform:  1) People management for your office staff, clients and care workers  2) Call monitoring with location capture  3) Medication management  4) Scheduling and rostering  5) Alerts  6) Reporting  7) Finance including payroll, invoicing and mileage reports    … Read more

Communicare247 – Archangel®

Product Overview Archangel® is an open, scalable service delivery platform which seamlessly integrates home and mobile equipment, data, and monitoring systems used to care for, and protect, individuals.     Archangel® delivers flexible services, to mitigate risk and allow the creation of care services customised to the needs of an individual.     The Archangel® monitoring system helps individuals … Read more

VeeLoop Ltd – vHelp

Product Overview A communications system to link care workers, families and community/third sector providers. The concept is to create a hub around the care receiver with connections to the voluntary sector and other support services available in their local communities.  Our strategy is to focus on the person receiving care and ‘join the dots’ around … Read more