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OnCare – OnCare Management Platform

Company Overview

OnCare’s care management platform contains everything a domiciliary care provider might need to
manage care planning, delivery, assessments and finance. We’re different from other software providers in two main ways:
1) We keep our prices at an affordable level; and
2) We’ve designed the platform to be incredibly easy to use, even for non-technical people

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Alistair Cohen

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Product Overview

OnCare contains everything a domiciliary care provider needs to manage end-to-end care delivery in one easy-to-use platform: 

1) People management for your office staff, clients and care workers 

2) Call monitoring with location capture 

3) Medication management 

4) Scheduling and rostering 

5) Alerts 

6) Reporting 

7) Finance including payroll, invoicing and mileage reports   

We believe that care providers should only need to purchase one system to handle their needs, and that system should be affordable and intuitive.  

Product Videos

OnCare Demo 5 Min
Demonstration of the OnCare Care worker app
OnCare EMar Demo
SCIP Technology Engagement Event Demonstration 19 January 2022 – System Services
OnCare – Finance Demo
SCIP Technology Engagement Event 19 January – Systems Services product demonstration