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Company Overview

For over 20 years, Tagtronics has supported the care sector by embracing the relevant digital technologies to help drive the industry forward. With a wealth of experience and vast knowledge, we are in the best position to offer you one seamless software platform to meet the needs and help with the running of your care business.

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Product Overview

Essentially, our software is used by care providers to run their business from top to bottom; whether they provide domiciliary care, supported living or various other forms of complex care. It starts with functionality that is as simple as providing them with a software platform to maintain electronic records of their clients and carers.  From there, they can plan their visits, roster their staff and essentially manage the entire process through to producing their billing and payroll.   

However, the most innovative aspect of our solution is our revolutionary mobile app. For years, the care industry has had a very specific problem with the speed at which critical information about vulnerable service users is communicated to care providers from the frontlines.

Our aim is to make the care industry paperless, as the current over-reliance on using pen and paper to document care is leaving people open to the risks of missed care and medication errors. With our app, caregivers can electronically document the various welfare checks and medication they have/haven’t delivered to service users, which seamlessly & instantly communicates this to the office staff.    We’re proud to say that the Care Quality Commission are now championing our solution, claiming that care providers who have embraced our technology are delivering a more dignified and quality service. This is something that we’ve helped many providers to achieve.   

Product Videos

SCIP Technology Engagement Event 6 April 2022 – Product demonstration
Tagtronics – Digital Documents
Tagtronics – Realtime Dashboard
Tagtronics – Mobile App