Buddi – Mini

Buddi Mini – Product Overview •            GPS Location data – GPS location updates every few minutes, providing accurate location within approximately 5 metres when outdoors.   •            Historical GPS data – By finding its location every few minutes, it provides a location trail for where that client has been. All this data can be reviewed via … Read more

Buddi – Buddi Hub

Buddi Hub – Product Overview Enables independence for clients within their own homes.   •            Digital ready- No Landline or Wi-Fi required with Buddi’s simple plug and play technology.   •            Panic Alert- Use the panic buttons upon the top of the Hub or via the Connect wristband.   The Buddi Hub was launched in 2021 as a … Read more

Buddi – Buddi Connect and Clip

Buddi Connect and Clip – Product Overview •            Automated Fall Detector – The wristband houses an accelerometer, which will automatically trigger a fall alert when it detects an impact (hard) fall by the client. It measures speed and motion, and will also trigger a fall alert when shaken vigorously. Fall alerts activate a two-way audio … Read more


AutonoMe Product Overview AutonoMe is a support service, for the user we provide our App, downloadable onto their smart device, which contains over 120 step-by-step instructional videos which support service users to develop and progress their independent living skills.     Our App is a tool that enables support staff to gradually take a step back as … Read more