Tovertafel – Magic Table

Product Overview Dementia can often make a person exhibit challenging behaviours and psychological symptoms that can be upsetting for everyone involved in their care, from other care home residents, to caregivers and loved ones. The Tovertafel is a psychosocial intervention tool that can help reduce restless behaviour. It works by projecting interactive lights onto flat … Read more

OM Interactive – Mobii

Product Overview Our ground- breaking Mobii magic table is the first truly mobile motion-activated interactive projection system that easily glides to those who need it projecting onto tables, bed and floors at the touch of a button. This versatility of height/ size surface makes it a highly flexible and invaluable intervention in all care settings. … Read more

Rendever – Rendever’s Resident Engagement Virtual Reality Platform

Product Overview From senior living communities to hospitals, Rendever’s platform is being used to reduce depression and loneliness by fostering personal connections amongst populations where life has become limited. Through the power of virtual reality, participants in group sessions can check off bucket list items together, revisit meaningful places and share stories, stay engaged with … Read more

Motitech UK – Motiview

Product Overview By using an exercise bike, video and sound, the users can take cycle trips through familiar surroundings and childhood memories. Easy to learn, easy to use Motiview consists of a device with motivational videos (PC or similar) that is paired with a display (TV or other). This is combined with a custom-made exercise … Read more

The Digital Rainbow

Product Overview The Digital Rainbow tables have been designed and tested specifically for the care market, they are hand built and wood crafted in the UK. Our aim was to ensure that the table was robust and long lasting, so that it would suit many environments. The table has a rechargeable battery and is built … Read more

Social-Ability – The Happiness Programme

Product Overview The magic table 360 is an interactive light projector featuring a range of games and sensory experiences, specifically designed for the care industry and people living with dementia, physical impairment, learning disabilities, autism, brain injury and other care needs. The games provide meaningful activity and are research proven to have a wide range … Read more

Oomph Wellness

Oomph! Product overview Oomph On Demand was launched to provide a flexible digital resource that would provide activity, exercise and TV content all in one easy to use wellbeing platform. It provides a wide range of resources to support residents, clients, Caregivers and family members to improve meaningful engagement and overall quality of life.  Oomph … Read more

MyQol – Assisted Living Monitoring (ALM)

Product Overview Assistive Living Monitoring is a non-invasive monitoring system promoting and supporting independence. We are proud to say that this is designed and developed by ourselves in the UK.  ALM incorporates:  Microwave and thermographic mapping to see inside an apartment without the need for invasive CCTV Audio mapping to alert staff if there is … Read more

My Improvement Network – RITA

Product Overview RITA is an award-winning all-in-one touch Screen solution which offers digital reminiscence therapy which is a relatively new tool in the fields of nursing and healthcare. RITA is aimed at offering support for older people, people with mental health issues, learning difficulties and brain injuries as a means of supporting them and reducing … Read more

Lifesize Touch – Activitouch

Lifesize Touch – Product Overview Activitouch is our range of interactive activity tables, robustly made and designed for use in the care sector. Pre-installed with over 50 Android apps, Activitouch can be enjoyed by all ages and all abilities. We have 8 products in our range currently and these are intended to cover all budgets. … Read more

Immerse Health – Virtual Reality

Product Overview Residents can put a virtual reality headset on and be transported safely to relaxing environments across the UK. These include beaches, hills, farms, villages, churches, canoes and more!

Inspired Inspirations

Inspired Inspirations – Product Overview Our Touch Screen Activity Tables come with pre-installed software, as well as 120 recommended to download apps that are all free to enjoy with your service users.    Listening to the care sector, we have found that our clients don’t want on-going service fees, expensive software and hidden costs. What we’ve … Read more