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Social-Ability – The Happiness Programme

Company Overview

Social-Ability is a social venture with an ambition to make society happier. We do this by providing a service called the Happiness Programme; a first of its kind activities service that provides life changing activities for people with physical and cognitive challenges such as dementia, learning disabilities and long-term rehabilitation.   

The activities are based on sensory and interactive lights which can be projected on to almost any surface – walls, floors, ceilings and bed sheets.

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Product Overview

The magic table 360 is an interactive light projector featuring a range of games and sensory experiences, specifically designed for the care industry and people living with dementia, physical impairment, learning disabilities, autism, brain injury and other care needs. The games provide meaningful activity and are research proven to have a wide range of wellbeing benefits.

We implement the magic table 360 alongside the Happiness Programme, a service designed to provide ongoing support and to ensure your staff and service users are getting the most from the technology.

Happiness Programme includes:    

  • Fully portable magic table 360 projector – capable of play on tables, floors, walls, ceilings and bedsheets   
  • All initial software games – currently more than 50.
  • New games and software upgrades added at no additional cost   
  • Periodic reports that can be used as an evidence base for care regulators   
  • Unlimited training: Helping to support your staff to feel comfortable and confident to get the most from the technology. This is also available to friends & family.   
  • Maintenance & service guarantee
  • Support organising a launch party and find local magic table trained volunteers to run group sessions and help alleviate pressure on staff (subject to Covid-19 restrictions)
  • An intergenerational programme where we work with you to engage local school groups/nurseries to visit as well as run family-specific training sessions (subject to Covid-19 restrictions)
  • Super-hero support – Free technical support online and through our telephone help-desk

Product Videos

Welcome to the Happiness Programme
SCIP Technology Engagement Event 12 January 2022 – Product demonstration