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The power of purposeful play

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At Tover, our collective goal is to create a more caring and inclusive world for people with cognitive challenges. Together with care professionals, we strive to provide care that is designed around memorable moments and quality of life. How do we achieve this? With serious games with a proven track record of positively influencing quality of life. Playing for a better existence. That’s what we call ‘purposeful play’.

And we want to change the way the world looks at people with cognitive challenges. Tover stands for a caring and inclusive world. Together with care professionals, we strive to improve the quality of life of our target audiences.

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Product Overview

Dementia can often make a person exhibit challenging behaviours and psychological symptoms that can be upsetting for everyone involved in their care, from other care home residents, to caregivers and loved ones.

The Tovertafel is a psychosocial intervention tool that can help reduce restless behaviour. It works by projecting interactive lights onto flat surfaces in the form of serious games. The Tovertafel provides care professionals with a simple way to provide what many of their residents in the later stages of dementia need: stimulating, enjoyable, relaxing, social activities.

Caregivers of individuals with dementia know that care can be difficult as the disease progresses. This is often because people in the late stages of dementia exhibit challenging behaviours that can cause situations which are difficult to handle.

  • Adaptive and intuitive advanced technology
  • Seamlessly adjusts to its players
  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Exceptionally clear and razor-sharp images
  • Access to all games for the target group
  • 24/7 inspiration and support via online platform


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