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Lifesize Touch – Activitouch

Company Overview

We are a touchscreen technology business, based in Liverpool, UK. We have been in business for 10 years and we specialise in touchscreens and interactive projects. 

We design and manufacture our own range of touchscreen tables which are specifically aimed at care homes and care providers. 

Our interactive activity table range is called Activitouch. These are large Android touchscreen tables, that are portable and bring many benefits to the elderly, those with dementia, SEN and rehabilitation.



Sheena Mackenzie

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Lifesize Touch – Product Overview

Activitouch is our range of interactive activity tables, robustly made and designed for use in the care sector. Pre-installed with over 50 Android apps, Activitouch can be enjoyed by all ages and all abilities. We have 8 products in our range currently and these are intended to cover all budgets. Our premium editions include a rechargeable battery.  Integrated video calling is also a feature in all our tables.

Product Videos

SCIP Technology Engagement Event – Product Demonstration