Social Care Innovation Programme

Touch Screen Tablets

Bytes Digital – Wholesale Tablets, Phones, Accessories & Peripherals

Lauren Astle

Handheld UK LTD – Nautiz X9 Rugged Android Smartphone/PDA

Dave Cawsey

Handheld UK LTD – Algiz RT8 Rugged Android Tablet

Dave Cawsey

Product Overview  Ultra-rugged Efficiency : Imagine doing the same work you do now, but doing it better. The Algiz RT8 is a unique 8-inch Android tablet computer built specifically to increase fieldwork efficiency. Work faster, with more focus and fewer interruptions. The Algiz RT8 is ultra-rugged, with a stunning screen, user-friendly design, a range of ... Read more

Handheld UK LTD – Nautiz X6 Rugged Smartphone/Phablet

Dave Cawsey

MyQol – Assisted Living Monitoring (ALM)

Tim Lees