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Company Overview

The Access Group are the most widely used provider of care software in the UK, and offer a wide range of systems to make delivering care simpler, more efficient, and more effective. Our systems cover all types of care service from Residential & Nursing, to Supported Living, to Homecare, and are used by roughly 10,500 registered care locations nationwide.

Access is a ‘safe pair of hands’ and offer not just our cutting-edge software, but also the experience of helping 0000s of other care organisations to transform their operations with digital systems. Our systems are designed with support workers in mind and include intuitive apps which are easy to use and quick to learn. Even the more detailed reporting is simple but effective so that anyone can use it – even if they are not IT savvy. Whilst many of our customers take advantage of an ‘all-encompassing care system’, we offer a modular approach to fit the requirements of each individual organisation. Popular modules include;

Persons’ Care Records


CQC Compliance Management

Rostering & Clocking In




Maintenance Management

Resident Invoicing



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Access Workspace for Care

Whilst many of our customers take advantage of an ‘all-encompassing care system’, we offer a modular approach to fit the requirements of each individual organization. Popular modules include;
– Access Care Records Person centric care records which are easy to use and filled in at the point of care by support workers, including alerts and warnings to ensure regulatory compliance.
– Access Medication Management Pharmacy integrated eMAR system with alerts and warnings to avoid meds errors and save time administering.
– Access Care Compliance – Regulatory Compliance Management Full suite of best practice audits, action plans, mock CQC audit, CQC notification integration, and lots more to ensure you are in ship shape for inspections.
– Access People Planner Rostering, clocking in, auto-timesheets, automatic gross payroll, alerts for lateness / extra hours.  Control payroll costs and save time.
– Access EarlyPay Works with Access People Planner – a way of giving your staff flexible access to their pay at 0 cost to your business, and no impact on cashflow (improves retention, helps fill shifts).
– Access eLearning For You eLearning and eCompetence to ensure best practice is followed, maintain compliance, and improve standards of care.
– Access Maintain Management of your facilities and properties, internal jobs management, external contractor management, budgets, reporting.
– Many more, for example, Purchasing, Accounts, Payroll, Visitor Booking, 
All of our modules are implemented via ‘Access Workspace’ which brings them together in a single platform to manage the care organization. This makes them easier to implement, and saves you time and cost.  The system is cloud based, and offers a number of offline working options to ensure that data is safe, secure, backed up – but still available to the right people when required. This ensures that nothing can get lost or missed, and supports your ability to provide compliant records. 
The modules / systems are all designed to help you to meet your regulatory responsibilities, and to evidence the good work you do with the People you support. All of our systems are widely inspected by the CQC and almost invariably help with maintaining and improving inspection outcomes.  The system(s) will save you time – whether it’s quicker & more person centric care notes, more interactive rostering, more engaging eLearning content, simpler & more effective auditing, or risk reduction in MAR processes – your staff will be able to spend less time on admin and more time with the People you support. This has a real and measurable impact on the emotional wellbeing for both People and Staff.  Role based access means that anyone in the care pathway can be given access to the system but will only see the information you want them to see. This access could even be extended outside of your organisation if required, to the family, other healthcare professionals, and of course the person themselves. This helps you to be responsive and inclusive, and reduces the risks involved in multidisciplinary team-based care records.  Below are some short (2 minute) introductory videos for some of the modules listed above… 

Product Videos

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