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Company Overview

PredicAire is a new entrant to the care home software market, which seeks to disrupt the current incumbents and challenge them to do better. It is the first and, currently, only Care Management Software which is truly holistic, offering all the required modules that a care provider requires within a single data eco system. Furthermore, as all of the data resides within a cloud based single data eco system PredicAire will be able to use Artificial Intelligence (Ai) to predict and prevent unnecessary outcomes for residents.

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Product Overview

PredicAire was born out of the frustrations of a highly fragmented care delivery market, preventing staff providing a holistic proactive approach to care for their residents. PredicAire’s founding team have taken their own experiences of care as family members, staff, and business owners, together with extensive knowledge of Ai, and applied it to bring a unique Ai powered end-to-end solution that is highly efficient, fully comprehensive, affordable, and focuses on providing the best outcomes for all stakeholders in the value chain.

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PredicAire – Care Re-imagined