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Company Overview

Oxford Computer Consultants is a software development company. PSOCC is our online solution for providers of support services, enabling the efficient management of their client caseloads. More than 80 local governments use our social care product suite. Our project teams bring together designers, and software engineers deliver business solutions packaged as accessible applications backed by implementation and support professionals.

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Product Overview

PSOCC is a web-based client case management system specifically designed for organisations in the support of vulnerable individuals. The PSOCC software includes;

Client Information PSOCC holds comprehensive client details. These are configurable for individual organisation’s needs. Where you have further information on the client held in other electronic sources e.g. Word or other scanned documents, these may also be held securely as attachments in the client file.  Other client information which can be captured includes: 

1.           An address book to hold details of other persons or organisations involved with the client.   

2.           Warnings and Notices (Incidents) may be recorded and tracked, 

3.           Client benefits

When the client moves-on from the service the client information is retained for future reference should the client re-present with the same or another service offered by the organisation. 

Assessments PSOCC includes a comprehensive assessment framework easily configurable for the type of assessments you wish to record.  For organisations operating multiple service types assessments may be configured separately for the variety of service types operated. Assessment forms may be modified to reflect the changes in any operational procedures or the emergence of new KPI data.  PSOCC supports a user configurable assessment scoring system so you may record and track a client’s distance travelled during their period of support with you. 

Support Plan – the PSOCC support plan is a natural extension to the client’s assessment and ensures that each client’s individual needs and/or risks are appropriately planned for. PSOCC’s support planning includes goal setting and action planning and the recording, success and overall outcome of them. Each support plan action is resourced and may be targeted with a date for completion.  Targets dates feed through to the internal diary system. 

Case Notes & Communications – PSOCC’s features includes a contact recording system so that support workers may record their key-working sessions and other meetings or communications with clients or organisations and individuals working with the client. The recording system also allows keyworkers to record specific work on the client support plan objectives.   To reduce overhead PSOCC’s mail-merging features allow organisations to prepare (using normal MS Word mailing features) standard letter and form templates.  

Service Participation and Move-On – PSOCC tracks and maintains histories of all client participations and move-on.  Following initial referral, cases may be progressed (accepted) onto the waiting list or declined. Once space is available the client may be placed (active) onto the service.  Dates of these stages of engagement are retained and may be reported on.  At move-on details; (date, reason & departure planning) are captured, other move-on data may also be captured. 

Document Repository – PSOCC includes a document repository, File attachments, feature that can hold additional electronic information related to the client and their support. Case notes, described below, may also include additional relevant documents to the notes recorded.  

Diary Management & Time Recording – PSOCC includes a diary system for holding dates of key-working sessions, reviews, other client related appointments, the support plan’s objective and action target dates. 

Management & Administration – PSOCC has many features to assist keyworkers, service managers and service administrators.  

Daily Support Work – PSOCC provides each keyworker with a customised front page holding their current workload including; their current client list, appointments (for today, upcoming, and overdue), support actions (for today, upcoming or overdue) and client assessments in-progress. The front page can be configured to include links to resources such as other websites or in-house documentation.  

Service Management & Administration – The client search features allow users to quickly and simply see the current spread of service users by keyworker, service or stage of engagement; referred, on-waiting list, engaged on the service or moved-on. Standard reports show summary and detailed service departure information and current service loadings and waiting lists.  The diary system provides views to see scheduled appointments for all keyworkers or individuals on any given day or week. 

Reporting – The standard reports supplied with the PSOCC installation are listed in Section 2.1. Further reports can be added by OCC to meet your further needs.

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