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Company Overview

No Isolation is a Norwegian company founded in 2015 to reduce loneliness and social isolation through warm technology and knowledge. We design communication tools for users who have been designed out of mainstream technology, due to old age, illness, memory loss or disability.


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Komp – Product Overview

In the UK, 5.6 Million people over the age of 65 find touch  screens inaccessible (Digital exclusion report). Most digital technology is simply not designed for older users or those in care.

Komp is   the unique one-button computer that bridges the digital divide, allowing users to independently connect with their family and care providers. Komp connects users to their loved ones in a private social network via our family app, and care providers via a secure online portal. Residential and home care residents can receive photos and video calls from their loved ones and increase face to face contacts with care services, as well as digitise healthcare appointments.

Komp gives care residents increased independence by providing a communication tool accessible for them, which doesn’t require staff support. Komp is also ideal for domiciliary care agencies who can link their clients into family and care networks from home, and improve care planning via calendar and reminder functions. Komp has no complex menus, and can connect via 4g or Wi-Fi, making it accessible for all.  A 19” widescreen provides high quality video calling. Connect users to their family all over the world and their care providers, with a tool that works for them.

‘’Komp has made connectivity for our elders as easy as possible. It has opened up a new world to many and has made a huge difference to the lives of our service users and their families’’ Irish Community Services

‘’We have reduced costs associated with driving to patient visits…Komp is well suited for follow-ups, reminders, or to prepare the recipient for upcoming appointments’’ Anne-Lise Ording, Welfare coordinator, Kongsvinger Municipality

We are partnered with NHS, local authority and third sector partners across the UK. In a recent partner survey, 100% agreed that Komp increased social interaction and improved the mental wellbeing of their users.

Now that digital communication is fast becoming the standard, and care services are stretched with staff shortages, the ability to connect clients to their families, enhance face to face contact, and digitise appointments is ever increasing. Get in touch to book a demonstration and find out more about how Komp can innovate care and connect your clients this winter.

Indicative Costs

Indicative Costs

●             Komp Manage is more suited to residential care settings managing a fleet of Komps.

●             Komp Pro is more suited to domiciliary providers, remotely connecting with Komps.

●             4g is unlimited and on a roaming plan.

Prices (excl. VAT):

Komp Device purchase (free family app included) : £499

Komp Device rental: £39 per month

Monthly subscriptions (optional depending on setting)

Komp Manage Licence (monthly): £10 per device

Komp Pro Licence (monthly): £35 per device

Unlimited 4g plan (monthly): £16

Komp rental: £32.50 per month

All projects come with free training and implementation support.

Discounted Pilot packages, and bulk discounts available on request, contact for more information

Product Videos

No Isolation – KOMP
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