Monitoring & Safety, Alert Mats and Sensors, Personal & Environmental Sensors

Monitoring and Safety

Alert Mats

NHC Group – Alert mats, crash mats and sensors

Provide a range of products perfect to keep patients safe and alert, as well as personal alarms for elderly people.

•Chair Sensor Pad

•Multi-use bed sensor pad

•Infrared bedside monitor

•Nurse call button

•Crash mats to lower risk of injury if a patient falls out of bed.

Bed Leaving Alarms

Range of bed leaving alarm packages, designed to trigger alerts to carers when a patient leaves their bed. Aims to reduce falls/accidents.


Floor Pressure Mat

• This floor sensor mat is designed to alert carers to a wandering patient in nursing homes, hospitals, care facilities and at home.

•Models that are fully compatible with C-TEC Quantecand 800 series systems, IntercallSystems and other nurse call systems.

•Designed to assist in preventing a fall when a patient gets to their feet or wanders from an area of safety, alerting the carerimmediately.