Monitoring & Safety, GPS Trackers, Location Safety

Monitoring and Safety

Monitoring and Safety

Chiptech Go

•Signals alarm in event of a fall

•Alarm goes to the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC)

•GPS co-ordinates share user’s location with ARC.

•Speakerphone (to enable user to communicate clearly with ARC).

•1-2 month battery life •Water-resistant

Pebbell GPS Tracker

•Personal tracking device the size of a key fob.

•Fall detector and SOS button for emergencies.


•£174 incl. VAT + £4 per month subscription


Dementia Tracker GPS Watch

•Looks and feels like a regular watch

•View location on smartphone, tablet or computer.

•Average 7 day battery life

•Includes fall detector/alarm

•Geofencing capabilities

•Optional alerts when wearer leaves the house

•Mark out “safe zones”, get alerts when they leave/enter.