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Konica Minolta – M Files

Company Overview

Konica Minolta support over two million customers in over 150 countries. In the UK, we employ over 800 people focusing upon:

•            IT services and solutions 

•            Professional printing

 •           The digital office 

•            Innovation 

•            Business Process Automation   

With over 32 years’ experience in the Capture, Processing, Management and Delivery of Documents, Voice and Data we are able to manage your data and process from the moment information enters your organisation.  We help you take intelligent action to recognise and store it securely, so that it can be accessed instantly by authorised users, from the application of choice. Regardless whether its email, web forms, scanned documents, faxes, SMS or voice traffic, any area of your organisation that receives high volumes of inbound information will benefit from our implemented solutions.  Our solutions increase the speed at which a department, or the whole organisation, can manage its inbound information – rather than be managed by it. We can provide your business with visibility and controls for compliance purposes and real-time reporting that allows the management team to measure the organisation’s effectiveness. Finance, Local Government, NHS and every sector of Business and Commerce have benefited from working with us. We have over 90 online case studies and many more reference sites which back that up.  Our experienced Client Services Team will work with you to analyse, propose, prove and implement a solution. We will manage the project on your behalf to ensure delivery times are achieved and that sufficient testing and user training has been conducted. We offer support, development and dedicated account management to help you maximise your investment. 

Product Overview

Document Management is about how to manage documents throughout their Lifecyle to support more efficient operations and knowledge work.  It’s about removing the “document and information chaos” that impacts so many operations and businesses.  Modern Document Management Systems (DMS) are much more than just document repositories, they are centralised platforms to manage the complete life of your documents and information – from accessing and search, to sharing, workflows, storing and also insight from anywhere.  

M-Files is an intelligent information management platform that helps companies make smart connections across the business and automate critical business processes, while at the same time keeping information secured and controlled. Unlike traditional ECM systems, M-Files allows organisations to manage content and information regardless of whether that information resides in M-Files or other business systems or repositories that you use. Users benefit from the powerful tools to quickly find, edit, share and organize content and information, gaining the advantage of artificial intelligence to automate office work.  Benefits that this solution delivers: 

•            Achieve greater performances & remove inefficiencies 

•            Reduce risk and improve compliance, governance & end to end control 

•            Effective remote working & mobile workforce 

•            More informed, Data-lead decisions faster support Business Agility 

•            Greater Customer Satisfaction and a more sustainable business 

Product Videos

Konica Minolta – M-Files The Smarter Way to Work