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Company Overview

Fastroi Ltd are a care management software company based in Finland but with clients in the UK. The company was formed in 2003 when our CEO, Risto Jalovaara, was assisting in providing care for his Mother. He noticed that the nurses and care workers needed to spend a lot of time completing paperwork and so it gave him the idea to try and invent a system that would help people make this process more efficient. Fastroi are the market leaders in Finland with their 2 products, Hilkka for Adult social care and Nappula for Children’s social care and have offices in Joensuu, Tampere and Vantaa. In the UK they have contracts with Surrey County Council, Leeds City Council and North Yorkshire County Council to provide their in house services with their software Real Time Care.


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Fastroi – Product Overview

Real Time Care is a cloud based, care management system that is available via a web browser or as a mobile application (both Android & iOS). It combines the ability to plan and manage employee work shifts and match those shifts with the appointments of the people receiving services, considering their individual needs and situation. It provides up to do date information to carers working out in the field via the mobile app and allows them to record what takes place during visits quickly and efficiently. Managers and supervisors are able to monitor what is taking place during the course of the day and be proactive in spotting any issues that may occur. There is also a comprehensive suite of reports that can be used to analyse patterns and trends to

Indicative Costs

RTC is mainly aimed at home care organisations and due to the way, they are usually funded we like to base our pricing on either the number of care hours they provide or the number of visits they undertake every month. By using this model, it hopefully means that the levels can stay relatively stable and that the cost can be easily put into any kind of financial forecasting model. We would look to charge between £0.30 and £0.50 either per hour or visit per month and this would depend on the size of the organisation. There is also a one-off charge of £1000 for the set up and configuration of a new instance of the software and also any training that needs to take place. Again, depending on the needs of the business getting the care this cost may change if they require things like integrations with other systems.

Product Videos

RTC Training Matrix
RTC Work Time Management Basics of the View
RTC Capacity Check – Making a Draft Appointment Plan
RTC Capacity Check – Adding Planned Appointments to a Draft Appointment Plan
RTC Capacity Check – Adding Planned Appointments to a Draft Appointment Plan
RTC Capacity Check – Running the Capacity Check
SCIP Technology Engagement Event 19 January 2022 – System Services