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Company Overview

Cura provides a comprehensive digital care management system comprising of care management and monitoring, along with other admin functions such as rostering, time & attendance and billing

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Product Overview

Cura provides a comprehensive digital care management system. It is configured and tailored to suit your particular needs in many different ways. Because of this enhanced flexibility Cura tends to specialise in more complex care environments such as Challenging behaviour, Autism, Mental health, Learning Difficulties, Drug & Alcohol among others where comprehensive detailed care planning structures, processes and reporting are required. For example, Cura has a highly detailed, configurable comprehensive incident recording and reporting tool developed specifically for such situations.    

Cura Tablet provides a complete suite of tools in an easy to use format that fulfils all care planning and reporting requirements and enables caregivers to be far more productive while providing a higher assurance of person focussed care.   

• Complete medication administration and management functionality with in-built E-MARs.   

• Highly bespoke definable, configurable Care Planning structures and workflow.  

• Processes to evidence staff acknowledgement of changes to Care Plans, assessments and other critical documentation.                      

• Handover Notes that drastically shorten time taken to hand-over to the next shift                     

 • Nutrition and meal planning, reporting and management including Fluid Balance and MUST chart linkage; allergen alerts & diet controls.                      

• Document management to enable electronic storage of documents.                       

• Staff Manual with notifications and alerts to indicate whether the document has been read by staff                      

• Task Management allows assignment of tasks; many to one, one to many; all with reminders and reporting of tasks status                       

• Body maps with turning schedules and reminders  

• Complaints, Compliments and Feedback reporting with follow up                       

• Accidents and Incidents reporting with alerts & reminders to ensure follow up reviews and action                       

• Activities and Events module enables managing, monitoring and recording of attendance to events                       

• A “How do I?” module that is a uniquely definable and configurable library of useful information for staff to use as appoint of reference                       

 • Duty Rota planner that works in conjunction with a mobile App (Cura Angel) used by caregivers                       

• A secure discussion module that allows bulletins to be posted as well as discrete discussions between care home matters or related to service users                       

• User definable forms with scoring capability’  

Indicative Costs

Cura is priced on a “per licence” basis, an active licence is required for each active Service User and each active Cura User (or staff member). The licencing fee for a typical 36 bed Care home will be in the region between £50 – £90 per week. 

There is an implementation fee which will vary depending on the requirements of the customer but will include a minimum of 6 days training and the associated configuration and tailoring of Cura to customer requirements. Implementation cost is usually from £2500    

Product Videos

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