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Company Overview

CPI-Ltd/CAREAudits is an established company providing paperless systems to care service providers. Ken Newlove director at CPI-Ltd has been developing paperless systems and apps since 1999 that are deployed in major UK and word branded PLCs and in the public sector. On board from 2014 and working in the care sector we had an experienced team including a trustee of three charities, a director of a business directly involved in the care market and a consultant in a £10 million turnover charity and CEO and Chair at an adult hospice. The team recognised back in 2014 the sector was becoming overwhelmed with administration driven by ever increasing legislative compliance requirements and controls and pressurised by ever increasing costs. The CAREAudits apps evolved from their desire to give something back to the Care Sector; to develop systems that genuinely reduce costs and at the same time increase efficiency as well as improving accountability and quality. And above all a system that would be easy to install and use by everyone. Click here to read more

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CareAudits Product Overview

The CAREAudits System is a paperless auditing system to manage all the audits, checks and data collection used in all care sectors. It includes an App and Web Portal Auditing Tool. Managers and staff at all levels check everything from CQC Compliance and Safety, to Medication Audits, Training and Maintenance as well as residents, clients and patient’s quality and wellbeing, and manage infection controls as standard to name but a few. The web portal then manages compliance where the care teams know what’s happened, when, that everything has been checked and is as it should be, and if actions required have been reported then then they can manage these and ensure they are resolved by whom and by when ensuring they are compliant.

At CPI-Ltd/ CAREAudits we have designed a system that all App users can use in minutes with virtually no training, it is that simple. CAREAudits can be used anywhere, any time and on any device, business or personal permissions controlled. This is great for customers knowing every carer using the system has everything at their fingertips all of the time.

All CAREAudits have the same standard format. This ensures all users, particularly first timers, can navigate audits simply and quickly. The CAREAudits have help text to every question that ensures the least skilled operative becomes the care provider’s expert. There’s hands free operations, no typing by selecting standard answers and standard actions required from drop downs and voice dictation all adding up to fast, slick and simple audit completion. The completed audits are then sent instantly to the web portal for review by the care team so they don’t have to wait for or chase information. Each user has their own Web Portal to manage their completed audits, upcoming audits, actions required and overdue actions. CAREAudits have a full suite of reports, with simple easy slick access to everything via simple drill down, pie and bar charts.

Managers are advised of all serious actions required and of overdue actions. Audits are seamlessly auto emailed. Audits collect signatures and have management sign off facilities so they can check for unanswered questions and non-compliances before uploading to the portal. The CAREAudits Diary allows you to set dates for audits to users and locations, emails the person who has it to complete, flags it in their dash board, monitors it if it is not completed by the due date sending reminders.

The system has an area for CQC files and reports which ensures everything is there all of the time which can be accessed remotely if required. This is a huge time saver as well as significant stress reduction facility to our customers and help to the CQC.

Users can now download the app and access the web portal for a trial and be up and running with the full system in minutes. All training is via simple short 5-minute online videos so new customers can easily access everything they need to know about the system or simply contact our help desk.

The CAREAudits system is so robust we have virtually no down time world-wide, even for service. Apps can be used without Wi-Fi so our customers are never without service wherever they are operating.

Product Videos

SCIP Technology Engagement event 6 April 2022 – Product demonstration