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Ageless Innovations – Joy for All

Company Overview

Ageless Innovation is a global company devoted to developing fun and engaging products for older adults.  Beginning with the award-winning line of Joy for All Companion Pets, Ageless Innovation is focused on creating products that promote fun, joy and play while reducing the cost of care and creating meaningful connections for older adults, their families, and caregivers.

At Ageless Innovation our purpose is to reimagine how we positively live and age together by unleashing the power of play. We are best known for our line of interactive, robotic Joy for All Companion Pets. Joy for All Companion Pets are having proven impact on the lives of older adults by positively impacting social isolation, loneliness, depression, and in some instances, use of psychotropic drugs. Our interactive pets are designed to bring joy and happiness to aging loved ones, as well as promote family connectivity through companionship. 

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Joy for All Companion Pets Product Overview

The companion pets look, feel and sound like real pets, but don’t require any special care, feeding, or vet care (just a few batteries).  These pets have built-in sensors allowing them to respond to motion and touch. Here are some of the benefits others have found in either research or when used in senior communities or in-home care:   

 •           Increased mental well-being, resilience, enjoyment, satisfaction, and optimism 

•            Increased liveliness, activity, and level of joy 

•            Encouraged communication and increased meaningful interactions 

•            Stimulated motor skills 

•            Increased staff engagement 

•            Reduced anxiety and agitation 

•            Reduced need for anti-psychotic, anxiety, or agitation-related medications 

•            Reduced loneliness and isolation    

Product Videos

Companion Pets Puppy Demonstration
Companion Pets Cat Demonstration
SCIP Technology Engagement Event (12 January 2022) – Product Demonstration